Super lotto plus is a lottery game commonly played in California. There are two draws every week and nine different ways of winning. The super lotto jackpot usually starts at $7 million but keeps on until there is a winner. The drawings in California are generally on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:57 PM. If you want to participate in the game, you must make sure you buy your ticket before 7: 45 PM, this is the time when the draw closes hence you will not be allowed to play the game beyond that time.

For many people, they might be wondering how they can join the super lotto cash value. All you need to do is buy the ticket that gets to play. For you to play the game, you must choose five numbers from number one to number forty-seven, and another mega amount ranging from number one and twenty-seven. If you are smart in selecting a lucky number, you can go ahead and make the selection. However, those who are not fortunate can choose to use the Quick Pick that can get to make the selection for anyone automatically.

For you to win the mass cash jackpot, you need to match five numbers that must match together with the extra mega number that you selected. There are also other eight prices that people get to win from the super lotto plus. It is a way of making sure that more people get to win to award them from the effort made after buying the tickets and playing the game.

Those who could be wondering if they can get to participate in the game if they are not within the United States are lucky. You can easily join in the super lotto plus, mega millions and also Powerball from other nations outside the United States. All you need to do is visit the tickets page from the internet, and you will get to learn more about how to join. You will get some of the information that will help you know how you can buy your ticket from the country where you are for you to participate.

It is possible for someone to win when you are not in the United States. Once you win the super lotto plus prize, you can claim your prize. You must make sure you follow the right procedure to claim your prize within 180 days after winning.  One does not have to fear that you might not receive your prize after winning. To know more about lotteries click the following link: